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Use my savegame.Made on iOS v1.07 and works on v1.05 and upCJ's weapon listHands- UNARMEDPistol-Silenced 9mmShotgun-Pump action shotgunRifle-Sniper rifleAssault rifle-M4Thrown-Satchel charges/ Remote explosivesCameraHeavy Weapon-MINIGUN!! (everyone's favourite)Money=999,999,999 max.All weapons have hitman statsMax respectMax lung capacityMax muscleMax gambling skillInfinite sprintingInfinte ammo for all weapons (100% reward)Completed stunt jumps and burglary missions which are optional and not required for 100%.100% overview (most of u know but some don't):-All storyline missions doneHeist missions doneZero missions doneAll schools completed with gold and silverAll races completedAll side mission and odd jobs doneAll 29 safehouses purchasedAmmunation shooting challenge completedAll 30 vehicles brought for exportAll assets (trucking,quarry,valet,all courier mission) aquiredNew moves learnt from all gymsAll horseshoes,oysters,tags,snapshots doneMost important:::::::-( current safehouse vehicles)1. SWAT Tank in doherty garage(despite the last mission glitch)2. FBI Truck in doherty garage which was never used in the game(with some clever save game modding)3. Hotknife in doherty4. PCJ-600 in doherty for bike loversSorry,but i could also get the Andromada if the Verdant Meadows hangar would have been large enough.Times wasted:2 (sorry 'bout that). Times busted:0Must download!!!!!!!!!!!!DOWLOAD FROM HERE:: If above does not work for you ,use this link then: =1GY9kqq_d3GM2nJN6G5hCxQXePHOBwVqgCredits:Samutz,for providing permanent statusyuvraj6122 for completing this savegame lol


I found another site that had lists of game saves of 100% completion of the PC GTASA game, but one of them admitted to using cheats. It made me wonder how many OTHER saved games actually used cheats to accomplish the task, but just didn't mention it. I want a 100% completion gamesave by someone who beat the game the fair way, someone who actually had the skill to beat it, so I don't have a bunch of extra cheats active when I want to play the game regular (just with all areas unlocked so the cops don't arrest me or kill me for accessing the other areas). If I want cheats, I'll use them myself. I don't want them to be in the save file.

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